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Bill Murray of Vancouver, Canada, found our work online and asked if we would like to know more about his work on his family's history in Kirrie.

Greetings from Vancouver Canada.

I joined the Our Kirrie Facebook group to try to get as much information about my family as I could. My mother, Janet Margaret Craik Lowdon was born in Kirriemuir and so far I have traced the Lowdons back as far as 1789. I do have a lot of information about the Lowdons, including occupations and for some, where they lived. Is this the sort of thing you are looking for as indicated in your recent post?

We replied 'Yes indeed, there is mutual interest here. For example, in the Post Office Directory of 1846 there are five Lowdons in trade, one Craik and one Craick. In Slater's 1878 Directory a Lowdon minister and three Loudon women grocers, two of them in Airlie. Rich pickings.'

We had not realised how rich and detailed Bill's research has been.


Hello again. My name is William James Murray and people call me Bill.

I have been able to go back in my family tree as far as 1789, the year my great great great grandfather David Lowdon was born.

David Lowdon (lets call him 1 since there are many Davids in the tree) was married to Jane Barron. His occupation in 1841 was a linen hand loom weaver. David and Jane had 8 children, all born in Kirrie – Thomas, Jane, Helen, James, David, Margaret, William and John. Jane and Helen were also linen hand loom weavers. The family lived at West Town End in 1841.

David Lowdon (2) was born in March of 1826 in Kirrie (actually it seems like everyone on the tree were born in Kirrie – I will only give the place of birth when it is not Kirrie) his occupation in 1882 was slater. David (2) was married to Janet Lyon and they had Thomas, James, John, Mary Ann, Jean and David McGavin Lowdon (3). After Janet died, David (2) married Betsy Stewart and they had William, Alexander, Charles and Anne. In 1891 his address was 68 Glengate St. In 1907 his address was 2 Milnes Land. Mary Ann was a dress maker. Charles was a clerk – reverend, Anne was listed as a “scholar”, James was a joiner, Alexander was listed on the census as a scholar at age 7. James lived at Canoch Joiners House in 1891.

David (2) and Janet Lyons’ son James Lowdon was born Nov 7 1855 in West Town End. He was a joiner. He married Betsy Nicoll in 1882 and they had 10 children (those Lowdons have a lot of kids don’t they!) The children are; Alexander, Margaret, David, James, Thomas, George, Charles, William, Robert and Davina. At the time of her death in May 1973 Davina lived at 14 Marywell Brae. Charles was a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps

David McGavin Lowdon (3) was born July 2, 1864, his occupation in 1891 was factory worker. He married Margaret Patterson in 1886 and they had four children; my grandfather David (4) , William, Jack and James. Their residences – 1940 13 Kirkwynd, and 1942 Pitcairn Green. By coincidence David (3) and Margaret were married by Reverend John Murray. The name John Murray figures quite prominently on the Murray side of my family tree, I have not found a connection for the Reverend John Murray to the Murray side of the tree. Jack was born Oct 10, 1892 and his occupation was carpenter. He married Ruth Scott and they had three children; Patricia Catherine, John (who died three days after his birth) and David McGavin. Jack and Ruth immigrated to Chicago in 1922. They moved back to Scotland approx 1932 where they lived with Jack’s parents on Hillbank Terrace.

David Lowdon (4) my grandfather was born Oct 4 1889 and he was a carpenter. He lived on Southmuir in 1891. He married Janet Craik in 1915 in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. My grandmother, Janet Craik’s grandfather was James Craik born Oct 6 1816 and he was a Hand loom Weaver. His wife was Margaret Lindsay and they had 5 children; Charles, Elizabeth, Janet, Ann and William. At the time of the 1891 census the Craiks lived at 55 Glengate Sreet. William was born June 29 1860 and was a journeyman plasterer and at the time of his death lived at 6 Anderson Terrace. He married Jessie Patterson in 1886 and had four children; Annie, Margaret, Janet and Elizabeth (Lizzie).

Annie worked for 40 years in a jute factory and as a housekeeper. She lived at 6 Anderson Terrace for 60 years.

The three Craik sisters Annie, Lizzie and Margaret lived at #6 Anderson Terrace. I saw the row house in 2011. It used to be in a building called Whyte’s Building which was a weaver’s house.

Several people in the Oor Kirrie (Auld N New) Facebook group commented that they lived in either #6 or #7 at one time. More than one has said that #6 has a ghost that wears a “mutch cap” (similar to a baby bonnet , but for a grown woman) and a shawl.

There is a record that a weaver named David Doig lived “at Roods, Kirriemuir” in 1891 with his wife Catherine Barrie who was the aunt of James Barrie who wrote Peter Pan. Catherine was also a linen weaver. Records also show that Catherine “died on 30 Sep 1903 in 1 Whytes Buildings, Roods Kirriemuir from senile decay.”

The Craiks also owned #7 and the current owner has a document that has the three Craik sisters signatures when they sold #7 in 1955 to a James Cargill. The document also shows that the Craiks lived at one time at 39 Reform Street. Another Facebook member found a picture of a trades house with the name Munro and Craik on the side at 37 Reform Street. So its very possible that this is a picture of where they lived since 37 would have been connected to 39.Attached is a picture of the Craik sisters – top left Annie, top right Margaret, lower left Lizzie, lower right Janet.

Lizzie, Jessie, William, Annie




James Lowdon & Jack Lowdon

David McGavin Lowdon & Margaret Patterson

Bill's grandparents Dave Lowdon & Janet Craik

Bill's grandfather Dave Lowdon