Tales Of Kirrie Toon

Co-op Supermarket, Roods


33 to 45 Roods

Now Co-op supermarket, address 33 The Roods

Formerly Tesco supermarket, before that Willy Low’s supermarket.

38, 40, 45 Roods

38 Roods was Kirriemuir Rifle Club, 40 James Fearn Motor Engineer, 45 James Fearn Agricultural Engineer

The following information is from Bob Inglis.

Pre 1940s, this was a big yard with rented properties. A chap who worked in the jute mills had a pony and trap there, he would do flittings at night and weekends, Ron Milne? There were also garages that were still called ‘stables’ though there were no horses there, one was for ‘the float’, others the Coopie garages.

Down steps which lead to the Coopie were Jack Lowdon’s joiner’s workshop and houses. Through the closie lived a family, and a tinsmith had his business, making tins for paraffin or milk or storing food.

Where the dyke is between the Coopie and the undertaker there was a 25 yard rifle range, used by the army during the war, then by the Rifle Club. Mr Jolly the chemist used it, and also used the 25 yard range at the quarry.

The site was all cleared in the 1940s and Mr Fearn built a ‘massive’ garage. Bob worked as an electrician at the time, and did some of the wiring work

Paul Dolan, Roods Coop

Neil Dickson Bank Street Coop