Tales Of Kirrie Toon

David Sands


David Sands was a remarkably skilled weaver and inventor, for his eventual acheivement beggars belief.

By the year 1772 'he was considered the best house-cloth weaver, and an expert in the weaving of cloth for staymakers. That cloth was woven double, and was stitched in the loom, ready for the slips of whalebone used to complete the corset.'

Eventually, 'the result of Dauvit's study within his house in the Corn Yard, near the Marywell Brae, was wonderful even in that community of clever craftsmen.' He wove, complete, three shirts 'not only woven in the loom, but stitched, and hemmed, and ruffled, and buttonholed, and buttoned, all by means of the apparatus designed, made and worked by David.

One shirt was sent to the King, another to the Duke of Athole, and the third to the Board of Manufactures, who rewarded and "encouraged" him with an honorarium of five pounds.

But within two years David died.