Tales Of Kirrie Toon

Dime Home Store

Maggie and Jessie Forrest on a bus trip


In 1940s and 1955 the Kirrie Equitable Co-op offices were upstairs.

The ground floor was the newsagent and stationery shop run by Maggie Forrest and her Jessie. They wore black silk chokers around their necks, wee black silk caps and black silk peenies. A third sister, Mary, had worked there then emigrated to New Zealand.

When the sisters retired their nephew James Forrest took over the shop as a newsagents, though he had trained as a hairdresser. When in turn James retired he offered the business to his son George.

George had trained with Dewar Rhind the bakers, but left when he had served his time and became a long distance lorry driver, working for the Angus Mills.

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