Tales Of Kirrie Toon



GLENGATE This is not a full listing, it excludes most weavers, shoemakers, grocers, manufacturers, tailors, feuars, etc. Place descriptions drawn from D Orr’s Streets & Placenames book

In 1846 James Dickson, postmaster and grocer, James Fimister, tailor, David Fithie, vintner, James Low, barber, William McNicol, saddler, David Michell [& Hood?] tobacconist, Alexander Watson, flesher, James Wilson, tailor & clothier

In 1878 Elizabeth Low, milliner & dressmaker, M & J Low, milliner & dressmaker, Isabella Morrison, milliner & dressmaker, Ann Smith, milliner & dressmaker, Jane Ann Wilson, milliner & dressmaker, Martha Young, milliner & dressmaker, Jessie Lunan, painter & paperhanger, Alexander Martin, painter, paperhanger & decorator, David Young, seedsman & fruiterer, Black & Wilson, solicitor & notary, David Christian, spirit dealer, John Farquarson, tailor & clothier, James Fimiston, tailor & clothier, James Leslie, tailor & clothier

DENHEAD now part of Glengate, from bottom of Gordon Park up to Lochmill

In 1846 James Lindsay, miller, Thomas Warden, slater

In 1878 Janet Procter, shopkeeper & dealer in sundries, Alexander Millar, slater, James Ogilvie, tanner, David Dishart, keeper of public park

WEST TOWNEND once separate, now part of Denhead

In 1846, James Cuthbert and John Cuthbert, both manufacturers, James Howie, slater, James Logan, carrier, David Lowdon, warper

In 1878 Stewart D McNicoll, blacksmith, Charles Peacock, joiner & wright, George Duke & Son, linen manufacturer, James Munro, plasterer, David Jolly, shopkeeper & dealer in sundries, David Whyte, shopkeeper & dealer in sundries, James Winter, shopkeeper & dealer in sundries, William Howie, slater, John Watson, tailor