Tales Of Kirrie Toon

James Barrie


James Barrie, author, playwright, creator of Peter Pan, was born in the house on the right, in The Tenements, Lilybank, Kirrie, on 9th May 1860.

The building out the back is the washhouse.

Aged six he attended the Hanky School, a dames school in Bank Street run by the Misses Adam.

He went on to the Free Church School at Southmuir.

W B Mills paper shop in Bank Street sold printed strips of paper to be viewed on the spinning zoetrope, and toy theatres. Barrie was friends with W B Mills’ son, and said the shop was where he saw his first play.

In 1868 the family moved to Forfar, then elsewhere, but returned to live in the above house, Strathmore, Southmuir, Kirrie.