Tales Of Kirrie Toon

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Kirrie Primaries Rhymes


  • Northmuir Rhymes
  • The Looking Behind Our Doors project investigated the old and newer adults'and children's rhymes of Kirrie.

    100 years ago Kirrie author Alan Reid and his wife contributed their memories of Kirrie and Forfarshire rhymes to be published by the Edinburgh-based Rymour Club.

    We collected rhymes recalled by older residents.  

    And we worked pupils in Southmuir and Northmuir Primaries to create new rhymes of Kirrie.


    A sailor went to sea / My boyfriend gave me an apple

    Skinny Malinky Longlegs / Wha saw the 42nd

    The wind the wind / The big ship sails / One potato

    Ally Bally / Ye canny shove yer grannie /

    London Bridge / Farmer’s In His Dell / Dusty Bluebells


    Old Rhymes of Kirrie 

    These old rhymes of Kirrie and Forfarshire were remembered by author Alan Reid and his wife. Reid wrote The Regality of Kirriemuir and other important books about the area. He became secretary of the Rymour Club, an Edinburgh based  group who met regularly from 1903 to 1928 to discuss and celebrate the old ballads, children's lore and  traditional culture of Scotland.

    They published from John Knox House what they were remembering and finding, in leaflets called the Miscellanea of The Rymour Club. As you can see below, Alan and Mrs Reid had excellent memories, and strove to write down the rhymes in spellings that showed how hey had been pronounced in Kirrie.



    The beggars of Benshie

    The cairds o Lour

    The soutars o Forfar

    The weavers o Kirriemuir

    The Kirriemairians and the Forfarians met at Muir Moss

    The Kirriemairians beat the Forfarians back to the Cross

    Sutor ye are, an Sutors ye’ll be

    Fye upon Forfar, Kirriemuir bears the gree

    Faar are ye gaun? To Kirriemuir

    Faar never ane weel fure

    But for his ain penny fee


    Broo broo brenty, ee ee winkie

    Nose nose noup, cheek cheek choup

    Mou mou mir, chin chin chir

    Craigie wir craigie wir etc [while tickling the neck]


    There’s naething I’ Hielants but green kail and leeks

    And lang-leggit Hielantmen wantin the breeks

    Wantin the breeks, and without hose or shoon

    They’ll aa get the breeks when Jamie comes hame


    My mither says ‘at I must go

    Wi ma father’s denner o

    Chappit tatties, beef and steak

    Twa red herrin, and a bawbee baic


    Jamie Hall [a Carter in the Roods]

    Fae sax o’clock I’ mornin

    Till sax o’clock at nicht

    Jamie Ha’s dung cairt’s

    Never oot o sicht

    Spuggie Young

    Spuggie Young the weiver, gaed up tae see the mune

    Aaa the treadles on his back, His sownie mug abune

    Cocky-Bendy’s lyin sick

    Guess ye what’ll mend ‘im

    Stap a gully doon ‘is throat

    That’ll sune end ‘im

    Andra Filandra, the laird o Killin

    Bocht a pair o lead breeks for lichtness to rin

    Jean Pean, pykit oot the cat’s een

    Wi a needle and a preen

    Gae’d doon the Double Dykes

    Wi a pair o windpipes

    Half a pound o green tea

    Half a pound o pepper

    Tak ye that, my bonnie lad

    And ye’ll sune be better

    On a Tale-Bearer

    Nanny Pyot, kickit up a riot

    Ten times I’ the day, for want o a diet


    Here’s a tailor new begun

    Sit aboot and gie ‘m room

    Gie ‘m a needle, gie ‘m a thread

    Gie ‘m a skelp i’ side i’ head


    Gracious Peter, look ower the table

    Eat nae mair nor fat ye’re able

    Fin ye’re dune, lay doun yer spune

    Gracious Peter! Amen

    Matthew Mark Luke and John

    Haud this horse or I win on

    Haud him siccar, haud him sair

    Haud him by a puckle hair


    A wa Willie! Yer wame rins oot

    A wa Willie! Yer wame rins oot

    Gie’s a needle and thread, and a wee bittie cloot

    Tae sew up the holie yer wame rins oot


    One Potato

    One Two Three Aleerie

    Games - Tip The Cat

    Marbles [bools] – aimed into the puggy hole

    In And Out The Dusty Bluebells

    Doh Ray Me When Ah Wis Wee

    Down In Yonder Meadow

    Today Is Hogmanay



    Johnnie Smith, my fellow fine, can you shoe this horse o mine?

    Yes indeed, and that I can, just as weel as ony man

    Put a bit upon the tae, to gar the horsey climb the brae

    Pit a bit upon the heel, tae gar the horsie pace weel


    Here’s to myself, says I to myself

    And I myself says to me

    Here’s to myself, says I to myself

    And muckle guid mat it do me


    Grace be here, and grace be there

    And grace be roond the table

    Let ilka ane tak up their spune

    Ans eat as muckle’s they’re able


    From James Barrie

    Willie Buck had a coo, they caa’d her Ledie Pentie

    She fell ower the Brig O Dee, and broke her Covenainty

    The King’s Covenainty, The King’sd Covenee

    And aa the Deuks o Gordon were gaun awa tae flee


    Ye may sit aa nicht gin ye like

    Ye may sit till ye claik nineteen like yersel


    O sic a hurry-burry, o sic a din

    O sic a hurry-burry oor hoose is in

    Oor hen’s e’e’s oot, oor dog’s deid

    Oor cat’s awa hame wi a sair heid

    TO A CAT

    Pussy Keny-a-oo. Far hae ye been I the time o the snaw-oo?

    Doon in a bog I worried a hog, and got the banes to gnaw -oo


    I’m geylies, I’m brawlies, I’m no very well

    I thank ye for speirin, hoo are ye yersel?


    A FOR Annie Anderson

    B for Betsy Broon

    C for Cirsty Clatterton

    That clatters through the toon


    Wha lichts the candle at the lowe

    They ha’ena muckly in their pow

    It’s I’ll get shoon unto my feet, and mittens to my han’s

    And I will be the bonniest lad in aa the toon o Glamis


    (Jamie Mill) and (Maggie White) are gaun to be contrackit

    Owre the hills an far awa, in a coal backet

    Half a pair o blankets, half a pair o sheets



    Favourite songs to sing in Kirrie Hub.

    Never Been To Kirrie

    Canny Shove Yer Ganny

    You Are My Sunshine

    Ally Bally (Coulter's Candy)


    Canny Shove Yer Granny

    London Bridge

    Katie Birdie

    Vote Vote Vote

    One Two Three A Laerie

    Sent her For Cheese

    KIRRIEMUIR SONGS 26TH Oct 2018 – Ewan

    New verses for Canny Shove Yer Grannie

    Grannie has a buggy and a pram [push push]

    Monday it’s the baby in the pram [push push]

    Baby Jill keeps screamin as we go [wah wah]

    Grannie sticks a bobo in her moo [mwa mwa]

    Grannie goes hame tae watch TV [haaa!] x2

    She watches TV, and has a cup o tea

    Grannie goes hame tae watch TV [haaa!] x2


    By P7

    TO GET TO THE MOON [what tune?]

    Doon Bellies Brae, up the other side

    Turn to your right, the road is quite wide

    The muckle black gates doon by the Skail

    Turn to your left, at a cat with nae tail

    Boom boom boom boom

    Boom boom boom

    Nairn, Fin, Owen Mc

    WEAVERS [A sailor went to see see see]

    A tailor went to Kirrie Kirrie Kirrie

    To see what he could weave weave weave

    But all that he could weave weave weave

    Was a wee wee teensy sleeve sleeve sleeve

    A tailor went to Kirrie Kirrie Kirrie

    To see what he could weave weave weave

    But all that he could weave weave weave

    Was something braw for Steve Steve Steve

    A tailor went to Kirrie Kirrie Kirrie

    To see what he could weave weave weave

    There was nothing that he could weave weave weave

    So he was asked to leave leave leave

    [Derek, Owen D, Cam, Kyle]

    STARRY ROCK [Auntie Mary]

    There’s a shop called Starry Rock

    Doon at the tiny wee Roods

    Buy some rock there you can sook

    Doon Caddam Woods

    Try a bon bon, or some tablet

    Blow some bubble gum

    Have a sip of Vimeto

    To stop you feeling glum

    [Keena, Charlie C, Freya, Ewan]

    KIRRIE TOWN DRUMMER [a sailor]

    Drummer Scott o Kirrie, he used to shout the news

    Was it fake? Make no mistake, every word was true

    ‘Forfar folk are coming, to our wee red toon

    Are they coming for Bon Scott? We will find out soon’

    [Scott, Kylee,Tyler


    THE PETER PAN STATUE [a sailor]

    Peter Pan, he ran away

    In the middle of the day

    He ran all day, he ran all night

    To the star on the right

    Dum dum dum dum dum he played

    On his flute, toot toot toot

    [Robyn, Holly, Rachel]


    He took me to the cinema, he sat me on his lap

    He asked me ‘Will you marry me’. I said ‘Yes, no, maybe so’ [x repeat]

    He took me to the South Muir, we played in Davidson Park

    ‘Did you bring a picnic?’ ‘Yes, no, Get your own’

    He took me to the Co-op, and up the wine aisle

    He tried to steal my credit card, he did it with a smile

    He tried to buy every bottle sitting on the shelf

    My card would have been ruined, so I said ‘Behave yourself!’

    [Charlie D, Leah, Charlie B, Ewan]

    By P6/7

    KIRRIE HILL [Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny]

    Oh ye canny push re granny aff her bike

    Oh ye canny push re granny aff her bike

    Let her have her thrill, doon Kirrie Hill

    Dinnae push yer granny aff her bike

    Ye canny let a dog aff on the Hill

    Keep yer dog’s lead on on Kirrie Hill

    You can fly yer box kite high, or have yer Easter egg roll by

    But ye canny let a dog aff on the Hill

    [Not sure of these names - Mala, Lilian,Cameron, Ewan]

    SWEETS [STARRY ROCK SHOP] [A sailor went to see]

    Could someone come with me me me

    To buy something quite sweet sweet sweet

    Just for us to eat eat eat

    For a little treat treat treat

    We’ll go to the Star Rock Shop Shop

    And choose a big red lollipop

    Then we’ll have a think think think

    Of what we should drink drink drink

    [Rachel, Finlay, Daniel]

    PETER PAN’S FLUTE [Ally Bally]

    Peter Pan plays his flute

    Where’s he playin? There’s nae doobt

    In the Square in Krriemuir

    Can we hear it in Westmuir?

    Yes we can... There’s nae doubt

    Loud and clear for all to hear

    Peter Pan and Captain Hook

    Got knocked out by a steak pie cook

    They complained to the Royal Duke

    And the cook got booked, the dirty crook

    I RODE MY BIKE [A sailor went to sea]

    I rode my bike up Bellies Brae

    And parked my bike beside the way

    I asked for twenty grams of fudge

    The fudge was all for me hee hee

    I rode my bike to the Davie Park

    And leaned it on a tree tree tree

    I ran and swung and played played played

    And ate my f-u-d-g-e

    I rode my bike home very fast

    My mum was mad at me me me

    She whipped me with a leather belt

    For being late for tea tea tea

    She sent me off to my bed

    Oh what a hungry me me me

    PLAYING [A sailor]

    A girl went out to play play play

    But the boys came out so she ran away

    She ran right down to Bon Scott

    Where people take pictures quite a lot

    Bon Scott sang in AC / DC

    He was famous, wasn’t he?

    PLAYING OUTSIDE [London Bridge]

    People playing at the park, at the park, at the park

    People playing at the park, all day long

    Boys and girls having fun, having fun, having fun

    Boys and girls having fun, all day long

    Play park shaped like a ship, like a ship, like a ship

    Play park shaped like a ship, the S S Kirriemuir

    BMX and zipline zap, zipline zap, zipline zap

    BMX and zipline zap, up the hill

    Peter Pan’s play park, full of adults, kids and dogs

    Peter Pan’s play park, it’s quite busy

    Boys and girls walking home, walking home, walking home

    Boys and girls walking home, for their tea


    Three little kids who had no money

    Went to the shop because they thought it would be funny

    But they got chased by the bobby through the Roods

    ‘Help help help, we promise to be good

    We’ll get a lift to Asda from our mummy

    And get something to tuck into our tummy’

    [Kelsey, Lee, Helen, Ewan]



    A laddy went tae Kin-nor-dy

    To see whit he could see see see

    But aa that he could see see

    Wis visitors looking fur a fierce osprey

    A laddy went tae Cor-tach-y

    To see whit he could see see see

    But aa that he could see see

    Wis a big white castle through the tree tree trees


    Eminem went tae Kirrie toon, and he wrote a new sang doon

    Aboot Peter Pan and ither stuff, then he said ‘I’ve done enough’

    Peter taught him how tae fly, an her practiced in the sky

    He flew up on the Town Hall stage, and went upon a rampage


    Peter Pan stands in Kirrie Square

    Just whit is he daen there?

    Nothin much, he jist stauns

    Wi his flute in his hauns


    Kinnordy, Kinnordy is a nature reserve

    It consists of many bonnie birds

    Kinnordy may have bonnie birds

    But they don’t understand a single word

    I walk my dog there every week

    I hope the loch won’t start to leak

    Kinnordy is a bonnie place

    Puts a smile upon my face


    Scott McKenna, Scott McKenna, noo awa tae Aiberdeen

    Scott McKenna, Scott McKenna, canna kick a jelly bean

    Scott McKenna, Scott McKenna, kicks a fitba powerful

    Scott McKenna, Scott McKenna, is a lad fa Kirriemuir


    A young man called Peter Pan, lived in Neverland

    His creator J M Barrie, lived in the town called Kirrie

    He was from Kirriemuir, born in Northmuir


    There once lived a magical man, who was known as Peter Pan

    He had sic a lot of fans, J M Barrie was his main man

    There now lives a stone statue, stands in the Square with attitude

    When it’s night and no-one knows, Peter flies, how high he goes!

    He holds a flute in his hand, he is very musical man

    He’s now on the school uniform which is in Northmuir proudly worn

    He now has a play-park, that is played in till it’s dark

    The Peter Pan park, a fun place to be

    Where everyone gathers for a cup of tea

    Down the Slide and up the Ship

    Then stop and have some fish and chips

    Grab a seat and zip like lightning

    It is great but also frightening

    Time to go home, it’s getting dark

    Say goodbye to the scary park


    In the centre o the toon

    There lies a wee sweetie shop

    And children come racin roon

    Their pockets full o pennies

    For chocolate, sugar and rock


    In the Square o Kiriemuir

    There’ s a small sweetie shop

    The shop calls in with great lure

    And sells candy and pop

    It sells a variety of sweet and sour

    As the pop fizzes away

    Children could be choosing for hours


    In the Angus toon o Kirrie

    There’s a wee tasty sweetie shop

    That sells really nice chocolate

    The old famous Starry Rock Shop


    Grace raced to taste a raspberry base on a pie

    That she thought was fine, but then she began to die

    • But she was just dehydrated!


    Yesterday I saw people with hoods

    Causing mischief while going down the Roods

    Cramming in the Co-op, shop-lifting all their food

    Now I know not to trust people with hoods.