Tales Of Kirrie Toon

Retail Folk - Shops and Stores

RETAIL FOLK - Shops and Stores


In 1885 William Thom was a billposter living in Bank Street.

In 1911 a William Irvine was a Kirrie gasfitter, and either he or someone else of the same name was a tinsmith.

In I think 1955 Thomas Young was both a plumber and electrician.

In the 1890s hoteliers were also horsehirers - David Gibson at the Temperance Hotel, 25 Bank St, and D Grant at the Railway Inn.

In the 1900s George McLaren sold clycles at 36 Bank Street.

In 1900 D Young ran his Standard Clothing Warehouse, drapers, at 8 Bank Street.

In 1846 Robert Anderson was a hawker living in Thorter-row.

In 1885 Mrs Isa Duke and Miss Duke had a dresscutting business at 57 Roods.

In 1955 James Fearn's, motor engineers, were at 40 Roods, and at 8 Roods was William Osler, aerated water manufacturer.

We tell the story of Kirrie Co-ops on a separate page, also of the dishonest grocers of 1862. 


In 1878 the town had no less than 26 grocers, 7 bakers, 3 baby linen and fancy repository sellers, 2 booksellers and stationers, 2 chemists and druggists, 3 china, glass and earthenware dealers, 2 confectioners, 2 fleshers, 2 game dealers, 4 iron mongers, 8 woollen and linen drapers, 11 milliners and dressmakers, 3 newspaper etc dealers, 4 painters and paperhangers, 2 photographers, 2 plasterers, one rag merchant, 2 register offices for servants, 4 seedmen, 13 spirit dealers and public houses, 15 tailors and clothiers, and 2 watch and clock makers.

The Kirriemuir Free Press and Angus Advertiser of 3 January 1929, has pages of very informative advertisements. See it here.

Alice Bremner found a more surprising newspaper advert in the Dundee Evening Telegraph of 11 August 1900, "Sets from 21/-. Teeth of this High Quality can only be had at this price from the Dundee Teeth Depot. Country patients supplied the same day. Painless extraction by gas 5s 6p." The Kirrie branch was in Glengate Street.