Tales Of Kirrie Toon

The Gairie Burn


The Gairie Burn

By Andy Shanks/ Christine Kydd PRS

Vocals and guitar Andy shanks

Additional Vocals C Kydd

Recorded and produced by

Stuart Duncan, Redbarn Studios


The Gairie Burn

Christine Kydd & Andy Shanks

The Gairie Burn, the Gairie Burn

Shimmers ower auld Kirrie stane,

The Gairie Burn, the Gairie Burn

In the warp and weft o’ time.

(17th century)

It charmed the witches frae the bank

An flighty hoolets tae the air

An mony a trist tween morn and nicht

Oor secrets for to keep.

(18th Century)

It turned the Meikle Mill’s auld wheel

Thit hunkers in aroon the Den

And heaved the stanes owre Denmill grain

To raise our daily breid.

(19th century)

Bellies Brae Mill fair glowers owre

The streaming weed and steamin looms

As Sultzer hammers count the days

That weave oor daily threid.

(20th century)

It hears the bummer clear the air

And steam and rattle tak their leave

An brings on cool air frae the glens

Tae clear the weaver’s heid.

It rummles under laden trains

That clickity clack and rock the bridge

An echos back the roar and fleer

Of our station’s daily tred.

(21st century)

Then aff through Denmill by the hill

Tae feed the beasts that graze the line

N’ear tae gi a backward glance

In the warp an weft o’ time.

‘Yer no a Kirriemarian till ye’ve sledged intae the Gairie Burn aff the Commonty and then gaen up the hill an done it again.’

’Goats can be pit oan the Commonty dawn till dusk, an sheets dried.’