Tales Of Kirrie Toon



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The handloom weavers were the best known tradesmen of Kirrie, but gradually they moved from working at home to labour in Kirrie's linen and flax mils, run by 'manufacturers'.

Although Forfar was famed for its souters [shoemakers], Kirrie souters too had a very active trade.

The products of Kirrie folks' labours required the services of beamers, warpers, carriers, wholesalers and retailers.

Domestic needs were supplied by tinsmiths, stoneware merchants, grocers, fleshers [butchers], dressmakers, tailors, milliners and many more. Kirrie was active remarkably early in setting up not just one but six very early food Co-operatives.


We are pursuing details about the Christmas Cracker factory that flourished in Kirrie in the 1950s.